Due to her ankle injury, Britney is forced to cancel.

Britney Reschedules Wednesday's #PieceOfMe Show

Britney Spears just rescheduled another Piece of Me performance slated for this Wednesady, May 6.

Unfortunately, that stumble and fall during the finale at her show last Wednesday not only forced the pop princess to cancel two shows over the weekend, its havoc spilled over to this week’s show.

Reps for Caesars Entertainment confirm the news to BreatheHeavy via press release, citing the “doctor has advised her not to perform Wednesday evening so that she may continue to heal from an ankle injury sustained during her performance last week.”

As of now, it is unclear if Britney will also scrap the Friday and Saturday shows as well.

Fans who bought tickets but are missing out on her latest string of shows have plenty of time to reschedule, as she just extended her residency at least another three months.

Britney told Ellen DeGeneres she “tore some ligaments” from her fall:

“Well, I actually wasn’t doing anything that hard. I was just kind of bopping around. And I’ve done like eight years worth of shows. Plenty of shows! And I’ve never actually fell onstage, so it was really kind of embarrassing. But yeah, I fell down and I got up, and my dancers kind of guided me to keep going.”

Will she perform at the Billboard Music Awards?

Britney did tell Ellen “the show must go on,” so guess you’ll have to wait and see.