Britney is onto the next.

Britney Spears is onto the next.

It appears Kevin Federline will receive more money per month in child support in addition to his $20,000 per month because Britney simply doesn’t need or want the stress.

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“Britney has emphasized to her father she wants this settled,” a supposed insider tells Us Weekly. “She doesn’t want it lingering because it only creates stress.”

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They add her dad Jamie Spears met with Kevin’s divorce attorney last week in order to “mutually” arrive at an agreement both sides were comfortable with. It is unclear if Kevin will in fact receive and increase or not.

“All Kevin wants to be able to do is provide the same standard of living the boys have when they with Britney,” the source continues. “Sean and Jayden’s needs are of course changing since they are getting older, which is a major factor in the decision to seek the increase.

A previous report claimed Britney was “angry” at Kevin’s increase request because she felt like she was paying for his other kids as well.

”Both sides came away hopeful and optimistic that an agreement can be reached out of court,” their source added.

Looks like Queen B realized it’s not worth giving any extra energy to the situation and has decided this isn’t a battle worth fighting. Smart!

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  1. If he wants the boys to “have the same standard of living” with him as they do with Britney, how about the good for nothing deadbeat get a job and make some money himself?

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