Britney’s axed her entire security team because they know her too well, according to In Touch Weekly.

“Britney felt the old guys knew too much about her baggage from the past,” says a source. “She wants to create a new, confident, independent Britney – and doesn’t want anyone around who remembers what she was like before.”

The source continues: “Firing her security team is a typical example of her wanting to blame someone else for her problems. She can fire everyone around her but at the end of the day, it’s still going to be the same old Britney when she gets home.”

“She’s fired the security team she blames for many of her recent problems.”

A supposed source close to Britney tells one Gossip site the claims are not true.

Besides, Britney was spotted with long-time bodyguard Edan leaving dinner last night at Mirabelle in West Hollywood.


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