27 days to go!


Video rumours can now officially commence.

Our very own Living Legend Britney Spears just tweeted a picture of her and her dancers giving us #squadgoals from the dance studio with a very cryptic caption: “Aren’t these girls pretty?”

So, it’s safe to say that dance rehearsals for all things “Pretty Girls” are happening right now, which means it’s time for Exhale to start asking the important questions like “will she bend her knees?” and hoping “ITZney” will make an appearance.

Iggy Azalea already confirmed the pair are shooting the concept-driven video soon but there is no word on whether or not Brit will be adding the new single to the Piece Of Me setlist.

All I know is the last time she needed dance rehearsals for a video we were spearitually #blessed with “Work *****” so let’s all join our (tiny) hands and pray for more of that magic.

“Pretty Girls” will be released May 5.

We are not worthy of what’s about to happen.