Britney’s busy schedule is a roadblock to recording new music.

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It’s an interesting time to be a Britney Spears fan. The living legend recently announced her second Las Vegas residency, **********, kicking off February 2019. Low ticket sales chatter and the lack of no new music has cast a shadow around the forthcoming show, however that could very well change in the coming months.

In an interview with, Britney was asked whether she’s recording new music.

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It’s safe to say Queen B is certainly creating a followup to 2016’s Glory, however in her answer she didn’t say either way.

“I always have new music on my mind,” she said.

“Right now, it’s really about finding the time to get into the studio between taking care of my boys and this new show!”

It’s worth mentioning in the years since Glory, Britney has confirmed she’s recording new music.

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It’s a curious response, because the general consensus amongst Britney fans is that ********** absolutely needs new tunes to coincide with the show’s launch. Hopefully, some of those B10 tracks would also appear in **********.

A rumored setlist of the show floating around did not list any new music.

Usually when we’re nearing a new single release, rumors about the track begin to spread like wildfire. As of November 2018, we’re left sorting through the “Apple Pie” rubble and an axed collaboration with Pitbull. It’s actually a lot strange that a new single hasn’t already made its way onto the net. This marks one of (if not THE) longest gaps between new music in Britney’s career ever.

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Britney didn’t reveal too much else in the new interview. She expects ********** will be “spectacular” and “amazing,” saying she knows “my fans will not only love the music, but also the visuals.” Note she didn’t say the words “new music.”

Nappytabs are the creative team behind Britney’s new show. They also created JLo’s Vegas show. ********** is getting an urban treatment. Expect that kind of vibe in a lot of the remixed songs – namely the new choreography for “Slave 4 U.”

My unsolicited two cents? It’s a major misstep to not release new music with **********. One of the biggest factors to fans’ diminishing expectations (and possible low ticket sales) is the lack of it. We’re a few months away from the first show date, so if a new album isn’t near completion, it’s probably not going to happen pre-show launch. However, if Queen B can carve out a bit of studio time from her busy schedule to record/release at least one new single, the Britney Army moral would soar tremendously.

But like everything with our fav, you’ll have to wait and see.

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