Britney Recording Music During Time Off

Britney Spears loves staying put in Las Vegas to perform her multi-million dollar selling Piece Of Me show. It allows her the time to work on side-projects, including her new The Intimate lingerie line and her billion dollar fragrance line.

Variety magazine asked Britney if she’s eager to get back on the road. She said:

“Actually, no. I’m really happy with the way I’m set up right now, going to Vegas and coming back and having my foundation here,” she says. “I’m a home girl. I really don’t see how I went all over the place and traveled the world and did everything. I feel like I was out of my frickin’ mind, and I did that for 15 years. But I was just so hungry and young and eager to pursue my dreams that it made sense then. It’s really easy to lose track of where you are and what you’re doing.”

When she’s not performing, she’s at home in a creative space writing and recording music. They confirm she’s renewed her contract with label RCA.

“In my off-time I do record. Once in a while I’ll just go into the studio if there’s a really good song that I have in my head and want to do. I think as artists you’re constantly in creative motion. If I stopped writing songs then that’s a part of me that would stop in my life, and I need constant motion… I’m definitely more in a creative space now. You have more time to go there spiritually in your home with a piano than you would being in a hotel room.”

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