Crazy – at 15 years old I decided to make a fansite on Britney; who’da thunk 5 years later she’d remain the most searched person on the Internet?

According to IT news, Britney has reclaimed her title as the “Most Searched Person on the Internet,” taking the “achievement” away from socialite Paris Hilton who ranked first last year.

“The record is based on statistics from search engine Google and denotes a different type of accolade to the esteemed achievements that Britney accomplished with her music between 2000 and 2001, such as Best Selling Album by a Teenage Solo Artist (2000), Best Selling Album in the US by a Female Artist (2000), Best Selling Teenage Artist (2001), Fastest Most No. 1 Singles on UK chart by a teenage Female Solo Artist (2000).”

Sidenote: I’m kind of over being on the second page of Google for the search term “Britney Spears.” I’m number one, *****! More importantly, someone explain to me why ranks before me? Anyway…

Congrats Britney! I think.

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