Britney Received A Visit From Her Babies Today

March 11, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Despite rampant rumors that Britney has left Promises, X17 can report exclusively, that she is still at the treatment facility and that Kevin Federline brought the couple’s two babies there today to visit Britney.

Two weeks ago, on February 25, Kevin took Sean and Jayden to visit their mom at Promises and just last Wednesday, Kevin brought the kids to the couple’s former love nest in Malibu to have a play date with mom, for which she left the rehab center.

Today, Kevin went to the center with the two boys around 10:30 am and returned approximately two hours later to his San Fernando Valley home. Little Jayden was in his car seat, covered by a blanket while Sean sat in his seat behind daddy.

March 11 - Kevin Federline Brings Babies To Visit Britney At Promises

Credit: x17online