Yes, that’s Adnan grabbing Britney’s *** in the picture above. And yes, this is the night before Britney was strapped to a gurney and sent to the hospital. Thanks Aiden!

More reports have surfaced saying Britney is in contact with Mr. Milky Bowl of Soup himself. According to the National Ledger, Britney’s only contact with him is through phone calls and text-messaging: “[Britney] has been phoning and text-messaging her former boyfriend, photographer Adnan Ghalib, whom Jamie banished from the home.”

Jamie, who has assisted in getting Britney back on track, is not too happy about the Adnan ordeal either. “Britney has started to rebel against Jamie’s rule in small ways. “She goes out for a drive, even though he’s forbidden it,” the insider says. “She refuses to be stuck in the house eating his diet – she wants to go to dinner, have free time, eat good food.”

Britney has a conservatorship hearing on July 31st to discuss her apparent progress, followed by the final hearing sometime in August. If Aiden sticks around, maybe the conservatorship will be extended. Maybe that’s what Jamie wants. Maybe that’s what Aiden wants. Who knows, maybe that’s what even Britney wants…

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