Britney Spears just rear-ended a car on Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills.

Brit hit a red Ford Explorer, driven by a lady. No injuries, as far as we know — Britney didn’t even get out of the car. Her bodyguard got out and talked to the other woman.

The red Explorer Brit hit is now following her back to Britney’s home.

Britney was stopped at a light and, for some reason, accelerated when the light was still red, hitting the Explorer stopped in front of her. No visible damage.

Story developing…

Source: TMZ


The pop princess was behind the wheel her white Mercedes SL down Sunset around 2:10 PM this afternoon. Brit wa when she rear-ended a red Ford Explorer driven by a Latina woman in her 30s. Luckily, neither Britney nor the other driver (or, for that matter, Britney’s bodyguard, who had been riding shotgun in her Mercedes) was injured, although Brit’s car sustained some damage to the front. Britney stayed in her car during the accident while her bodyguard hashed out the details with the other driver, who then followed Britney’s Mercedes back to the Summit. After no more than 15 minutes, the driver emerged from the house. Britney (who was seen texting on her phone earlier) was in the right lane on Sunset, behind the maroon Ford Explorer, when the cars in the left hand lane got a green light to turn left on Hillcrest. Britney saw the cars in the left lane accelerating in her peripheral vision, and thought she had a green light as well. That’s when the minor incident occured. Although both cars sustained very minor damage, luckily there don’t seem to be any injuries. Click the picture below to access the entire set.


UPDATE – 3:23 PM PST: Britney’s now safely back at home where she appears to be unshaken by the incident.

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