Britney is a big-time judge deciding the future of contestants on The X Factor, but a judge continues to approve all decisions for Britney’s future in her personal life. However, Brit is ready to regain control, according to

There’s a routine court hearing Thursday morning to seal Britney’s medical records, and Britney is ready to move forward.

“Britney very much wants the conservatorship to end, she doesn’t understand why it has gone on this long,” says a family source. “Britney is now a judge on a national hit television show, which will be live when it airs this fall. Britney feels she is ready to regain control of her life now.”

“Britney’s dad, Jamie, has conservatorship of her personally and professionally, and this has been going on now for almost four-and-half years. When she signed on to become a judge for The X Factor, Simon Cowell suggested that Jason Trawick become one of her conservators because Jamie didn’t want be on set with Britney. Jason is basically in charge of Britney’s life now, and Jamie hasn’t lived with her in a years. Britney’s doctors just don’t feel she is ready for the conservatorship to end though, as she has a very complicated mental health diagnosis. However, Brit is hopeful that once she proves herself on X Factor this will be the impetus for the conservatorship to end.”

One topic discussed at this latest hearing are the allowance of fees for Brit’s conservators, dad Jamie and court appointed attorney Samuel Ingham. There’s a review hearing scheduled for July 21, and sources say that how Britney is dealing with her new gig could be central to the proceedings.

“Brit could absolutely be in court at that time,” the source says. “The judge wants to make sure that Britney is handling the stress of her new job appropriately. Remember, Britney could absolutely petition the court to attempt to end the conservatorship, any of the interested parties could also do so. The only person that can formally end the conservatorship though is the judge and she has to be convinced by the most important people in Britney’s life, her medical doctors, that it’s the best thing to do.”

“Britney is grateful to her dad for giving up his personal life to save her but she wants to stand on her own two feet now.”

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