It’s always a little fun to browse through the tabloids while you’re waiting in the checkout line or at the airport, but it’s not so fun to read them when you’re IN IT.

Britney casually flipped through the November issue of OK! magazine before her flight to L.A. on Sunday. Inside is a story about Britney and Jason’s relationship and whether she can get married or not without dad Jamie’s permission.

Inside, the article details their potential engagement.

“Britney and Jason discuss marriage all the time,” says a source close to Britney. “Britney is truly in love with Jason, and well, Jason has loved her for a very, very long time.”

“Jason adores her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. Jason is planning on taking Britney on a secluded getaway once the tour wraps, and it’s very likely he will pop the question at that time.”

The source added: “When Britney does get engaged, her father’s attorneys will notify the judge in her conservatorship case. It’s extremely within the realm of possibility that the conservatorship will end, and then Britney will get married. It will be a very smooth transition.”

She doesn’t look too happy to see her relationship is the talk of the town.

Brit’s team recently BS’ed the rumor claiming she’s pressured to marry Jason.

We’re allowed to talk about it cause this is her fansite… right?

::runs and hides::

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