Check out Britney as she makes her way from her dressing room back to a side door of Stage 16 during the VMAs last night. Damn I thought her security guard was about to step on her heels! Give the 3-time Moon Man award winner some space, ya’ll.

Britney also placed number one on‘s “Top 10 things you didn’t get to see on TV:”

1. After winning three Moonmen, including video of the year, Britney Spears got cold feet before she met the press. She peeked into the media room with personal assistants and camera crew in tow, then promptly turned around and left.

A few moments later, Chris Brown hurried in to take her place — prompting a round of disappointed “Awwwww!” from disappointed Britney-wannabe paparazzi (a reaction that seemed to miff Brown, who maybe didn’t understand that he wasn’t being booed personally.) Never fear, Britney returned after Brown; she said nothing and posed for just a few quick pictures as she juggled her trophies. After the show, host Russell Brand described the event as “the resurrection of Britney Spears. I saw stigmata.” Click to stream:


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