Nooo this isn’t BRITannica or ~Team Britney,~ but I got a corny side too ya know! I mean, who doesn’t like long walks on the beach or cozying up next to a warm fire with Through The Storm close at hand. OK I don’t, and I’m not a big fan of pumpkin carving either; it smells like leftover turkey. Damn my mother for traumatizing me at 8 years old making me carve a freaky *** jackolantern; perhaps that’s why Adnan terrifies me? But I do love me some Britney pumpkins!

Check out these submissions from several BreatheHeavy readers of Britney pumpkins they carved. Apparently that stencil gives orgasms because all three of them went out and bought the same one.

(Read this next sentence in your best Smokey the Bear voice) Do YOU have what it takes to make a sweet Britney pumpkin? Get into the Halloween spirit, and send in your submission – you just may see it on the site! Happy carving!

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