Britney Pulls Unauthorized Promotion

Having long been convinced Britney Spears would somehow trigger the apocalypse — something to do with those cloven hoofs, probably — we’re not at all surprised to hear that the makers of the latest installment in the Child’s Play movie series have posited her as surrogate mom to the ultimate bad seed. In Seed of Chucky, a Britney lookalike is impregnated after having intimate relations with the enduring devil doll — not too much of a stretch, given her flirtations with Fred Durst — before ultimately driving off a cliff. While the notion of Beelze-*** seemingly didn’t faze Spears’ minders, they did raise a red flag about the producers’ mimicking of “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” demanding that the song be axed from the film’s trailers — which is a shame, really, since no one knows their way around a trailer quite like Brit . . .
Source: Rolling

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