Is the immense pressure from media and fans alike getting to Britney? Possibly so.

Yesterday, Z100 unexplainably removed Britney’s name from the special guest list for their Jingle Ball party on December 12th in New York. According to, this isn’t the only appearance Britney has canceled.

“Britney Spears has had to dramatically pull out of her stage comeback at the MTV European Music Awards in Liverpool on Thursday,” reports the magazine.

“Britney is gutted but she has family commitments,’ a source tells Now Online.

“Due to the ongoing court case involving her sons, Britney has to remain in the US to show she’s available for her kids as often as possible, and she has to be around this week!”

Ongoing court case that was settled weeks ago? Has to remain in the US for the sake of her kids? What about when she’s on a world tour in a few months. Hmmmmm…

Hope they’re not pushing her to do all of this. Blah.

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