“Britney” used Madonna’s concert last night as a platform to support gay rights.

“I am the luckiest girl in the world,” Britney revealed to reporters last night at the show, “but am sad because African-Americans are equal finally, but gay marriage is not.”

Brit’s publicist needs to be a little more clever before speaking on her behalf! There’s so much wrong with that quote (which was posted on BritneySpears.com but has since been removed), I don’t know where to start. The part where she says she’s the luckiest girl in the world, or the part that says African-Americans are finally equal (what, they weren’t before?).

Madonna publicly stated her opposition on Prop 8 during the show last night too, as well as her allegiance for newly-elected President Barack Obama. According to People.com, “at the close of the concert, a photo of President-elect Barack Obama flashed on the screens as Madonna announced, ‘We have something to celebrate! I’m the happiest ******* the planet right now.’

She continued: ‘Sorry to hear we didn’t win on Prop 8, but don’t give up the fight. If we can have an African American in the White House then when we can have gay marriages.’

Prop H8. Go Obama!

UPDATE: According to the Associated Press, Madonna said the quote above. Her official site tricked me!

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