We all know I’m not a big fan of the conservatorship, to put it nicely, but I’m calling BS on this next report:

According to People.co.uk, Britney, in an effort to remove the conservatorship from her life, has given up eating.

A source close to the star revealed: “Britney thinks that if she doesn’t eat much she will lose weight, then people will notice. Then she thinks she will get to make her own decisions once again.”

Britney has been traveling the world to promote her new album Circus, has passed all court-ordered drug tests and has been on her best behavior – yet is still deemed mentally incompetent to make her own legal / medical decisions.

“She reckons she is better now so fails to see why her dad is still meddling in her life,” continues the source. “All he is doing is looking out for her but she doesn’t see it like that. She thinks he is doing it to be irritating. So she has decided that she will protest by not eating.”

The source said of her new diet: “She is working hard to get her life back on track but doesn’t realise that her current behaviour could halt all that.”

“She has been told to eat but is refusing so is starting to look very skinny indeed. But then that is what she is hoping to achieve.”

File this under the ******** category; gotta love the lame juicy gossip though. Well, not love. You know what I mean.

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