Britney Promotes “Radar,” Celebrates Boyfriend’s Birthday

December 30, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little friendly competition!

Both Britney Spears and her boyfriend Charlie Ebersol celebrate birthdays in December (his is Dec. 30), so it’s only appropriate the two bust our their pocketbook and show each other who wears the pants in the relationship (Britney. It’s definitely Britney).

Brit Brit shared a few photos of her Club 33 cake on her birthday, but no one knew til’ now the luxurious designer cake was Charlie’s attempt to one up homegirl. It’s like, no one can outdo Britney Spears. She’s Britney Spears. She could present a mud cup with a gummy worm candle as her submission and still take the cake (heh).

Brit opted for a movie-themed cake with pictures of the two placed about (cue the awwws), meanwhile David Lucado is eating his heart out.

Now that we are in agreeance Britney won, let’s enjoy her new promo for “Radar,” I mean, a couple snaps of her and Charlie riding horses for his bday on Tuesday.

I got my eye on you, and I can’t let you get away.