Is Britney’s people pressuring her to marry Jason Trawick? An “insider” tells Star magazine she’s being forced to marry him “against her will.”

“Marrying Jason Trawick is the last thing the vulnerable singer wants or needs.” The insider doesn’t say why Britney doesn’t want this, but says their relationship “has mainly become one of convenience rather than true love.”

They also say Britney “has someone at her beck and call to tend to her 24/7, and Jason, of course, gets a continual bankroll.”

“Jason is a gold digger,” states the source, adding, “It’s obvious that’s why he’s pushing her to tie the knot.”

“Everyone around Britney is acting like the wedding would be her happy ending… but pushing her into a loveless marriage could end up being another huge mistake.”

Despite this report, others claim the two are very happy in love and are looking forward to a winter engagement.

“They’ve been talking about marriage for a long time,” says a source to “It would be surprising if they are not engaged by the end of the year.”

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