Like they don’t numb her enough as it is…

According to new reports, Britney has been prescribed “nerve pills,” or anti-anxiety medication for the tour.

Britney has reportedly been suffering “paralyzing panic attacks” as she prepares to hit the road the her “Circus” tour, which kicks off March 3 in New Orleans.

Those closest to Britney to her are “panic ridden” that Britney will buckle under the pressure, so they are “keeping her medicated to calm her down,” according to the National Enquirer.

“It’s scary,” a source told the publication. “Her dad Jamie’s calling all the shots for Brit – making sure qualified medical people know what they’re doing, and trying to talk Brit down from one emotional meltdown after another.

“We know she’s been prescribed Valium, plus the anti-anxiety pill Ativan. Mixed with Stattera for her ADHD, Topomax for migraines and Lithium for her bipolar disorder it’s a wonder Brit even knows who she is any more.

“There’s no kidding around among her family. They’ve all stressed this is the last chance for Brit – make Circus a big success of be ready to hang it up and retire.”

“Everyone around her is dreading a repeat of the January 2008 fiasco when she fell apart in public. Her CD’s doing well, so pulling off this tour without losing her head means Britney Inc. is back in biz and making money.”

Very brave of the National Enquirer to go on record saying that.

So Jamie files restraining orders against people that they claimed gave Britney drugs, while he allegedly does the same thing?


PS – Brit’s not really drinking two frapps in that picture, though that would be ******* ****. Just an ~optical illuuuuuusion~.

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