Pop star Britney’s shock engagement may reportedly be because the singer is pregnant.

The US singer announced last week she was to marry Kevin Federline, which she celebrated by splashing out £30,000 on new clothes for him.

But the News of the World says Britney is expecting a child at Christmas and so wants to be married to him by November.

The wedding will be her second, after her 55-hour marriage to childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander in January.

The driving force behind the marriage is the singer’s mother, Lynne, who doesn’t want her to have a baby out of wedlock.

A Britney insider told the paper: “Her mum has taken control now.

“She’s let Britney do what she wanted in the past but now she wants everything done by the book.

“That’s why they got engaged first, rather than get married like Britney did before.”

I highly doubt she’s pregnant, but Kevin Federline and her did meet in March, and December would make it 9 months if you know what I mean… lmao I’m just messin’

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