Britney has won the “Always Next, Forever Now Award” on the Logo network’s NewNowNext Awards show, airing Saturday, June 13.

Britney pre-taped a video-message for her gay fans for all their love and support, according to In Touch.

“Britney wanted to come to New York for the taping,” said an insider, “but wasn’t able to with her hectic tour schedule.”

Speaking of… Britney is coming out with a new fragrance for men called Mo’, described as “tantalizing.”

“One spray and the gays will run your way!”

Well, sort of… the new cologne is a “viral-marketing campaign for the Logo network’s NewNowNext awards show,” according to

“She’s having fun with her gay audience, because she’s an official gay icon at such a young and tender age,” said Christopher Willey, a Logo executive producer.

Willey continued to say the tone of the awards show is “very playful, irreverent, doesn’t take it too seriously.”

When producers decided to give their Always Next, Forever Now award to Britney, Willey approached the Brit’s label and management with the idea for the fake cologne ad.

“We [wanted] something that would be fun and playful that we can celebrate/mock, and we thought, ‘It’s her perfume career,’ ” Willey said. “Because everyone knows every holiday season they bring out those commercials of her running through a forest or a hotel.”

Britney’s team “loved the idea,” though Willey admits he had to explain the meaning of ‘Mo to Britney.

“Britney herself wanted to make sure that the punch line – which is the word ‘Mo – wasn’t offensive in any way,” Willey said.

The ad was shot on the video set for “If U Seek Amy,” with footage spliced in from her MTV “For The Record” documentary.

The second annual awards show airs June 13 at 9 p.m. ET.

“She has this natural rapport with the gay community,” Willey said. “I think she just really likes her gay fans and she sees this as a way to talk directly to them, which she hasn’t really done before.”

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