You wanna go on vacation, you betta… work *****!

Several weeks ago, Britney asked fans to submit pictures of their favorite vacation spots to promote her Island Fantasy fragrance. The top 10 coolest photos were sent to her and she’ll ultimately choose the winning destination where she’ll vacation.

The message said: “Britney’s been working hard all summer. Let’s surprise her with a little gift: our top 10 island vacation getaway spots.”

“Anytime I get a chance to get away, I tend to go to the tropics – the sun and ocean are always a great escape for me.” – Britney

The time’s arrived! Britney posted her favs on Facebook:

Britney Posts Fans' Favorite Island Getaways

“Loved all of your amazing ideas of where you’d spend your next island getaway! Think it might be time to start planning a vacation…”