Britney Posts Cryptic Studio Tweet: “JUST LOVE ME”

October 30, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Britney confirms she just finished up some new vocals in the recording studio.


We’re onto you, Britney.

Britney’s hard at work on her ninth LP, hitting the studio up this week to continue recording in between Piece Of Me shows.

It’s not often we hear from her during the creation process, but on Thursday night, Britney opened up the Twitter app on her iPhone 6 Plus to tell us she finished up some vocals on a new song, but capitalized three words that say “JUST LOVE ME.”

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She Tweeted, “JUST finished recording some vox. LOVE this song. It makes ME smile, and I hope it will make you smile too… #B9”

We are definitely smiling.

The hashtag #B9 is also an interesting choice considering that term was coined by the Britney Army (much like the name Album 8 before she announced Britney Jean).

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Prove it, Britney. Tease us a little something to tie us over, eh?