It is rumored that Britney and Kevin are planning to reach an agreement for joint custody of their two sons Sean and Jayden. The two reached a settlement last month in an attempt to avoid a public custody hearing in late-August, in which Britney gave Kevin sole custody. Despite the settlement, Britney plans on having more involvement in her kids’ lives by the end of the year.

A source tells the Daily Mirror “Britney is doing her utmost to stay out of the limelight and lay low, and just focus on her work. She is so determined to be taken seriously by the courts, she wants regular drug and alcohol tests to prove she is a reformed mum. She thinks by ditching her elaborate pink wigs, and bad boyfriends it will help her case.”

Kevin, according to the site, agrees with the idea! A rep for K-Fed told E!: “She has a chance. Kevin could end up coparenting the kids together with Britney.”

Next few months are big for Britney. With the conservatorship projected to end in late-October, and a new custody arrangement in the works; Britney has got to be on her best behavior. Proud of you thus far, B!

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