lol @ the Jesus book.

Britney reportedly has plans to move back to Kentwood after the tour and become a Southern Baptist minister.

According to new reports, “when her singing days are over to become one of that church’s few female ministers.”

Must be the cheese grits!

A pal said: “Brit’s always believed in God and she was brought up in a family of church-goers. But her spirituality was re-awakened in rehab.

“She was introduced to a 12-step programme which advocates turning your life over to a ‘higher power’.

“She fully understands the mayhem she’s wreaked in the past, costing her custody of her kids and almost wrecking her career.

“She hopes that becoming an ordained minister will not only allow her to make spiritual amends to herself, it will also allow her to help and counsel those who need it.”

A source close to Kevin said: “Britney now compared with Britney 18 months ago is like the difference between night and day.

“But her parents are pretty aghast at the idea of her becoming a preacher. They’re hoping it’s a passing phase. It’s difficult to knock someone who wants to enter the church and is pretty much living like a saint – apart from when she’s peeling off her clothes on stage!”

“But the idea of her taking holy orders has caused real consternation.”

Britney’s sons are reportedly not allowed to view the show due to its racy, provocative nature.

“It’s time for them to leave her shows about 45 minutes in – when she switches to a costume featuring ****** tassels,” said the friend.

“They’d been loving the show in Tampa, Florida, but Britney’s mom Lynne knew to quietly lead them away during a brief interlude, before her daughter reappeared with the black tassels.”

“There’s no way Brit wants her kids to see her dressed like that, with guys in the audience making obscene gestures and remarks.”

A spokesman for the religion said: “We would welcome anyone to train for the ministry, so long as their motives were in keeping with church beliefs and practices and their desire to serve was honest and true.”

Did anyone read this one all the way through? If so, then… Hallelujah!

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