Britney is planning on marrying her TV agent / boyfriend Jason Trawick “as soon as possible” so that no one can “ruin her happiness,” according to new reports.

“Britney is head over heals for Jason – she wants to walk him down the aisle as soon as possible,” a source told the mag.

“Even though she’s only been dating him for a few weeks, she’s already decided she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

“Brit’s greatest fear is that someone will get in the way of her happiness, which is why she wants to tie the knot as soon as possible.

“It’s also the reason she hasn’t told certain people in her life about the wedding plans.

“While Britney knows her dad only has her best interests at heart, she doesn’t want him interfering and telling her to slow down. When it comes to her love life, she wants to be left alone to make her own decisions.

“Britney’s one of the most impulsive people you could ever meet – she’s an incurable romantic.

“She got engaged to ex-husband Kevin Federline after just a few months and she was married to her first husband, Jason Alexander, for only 55 hours!”

Jason allegedly proposed to Britney during a vacation in the Bahamas.

“Britney and Jason enjoyed an amazing night together and Jason told her her thought she was ‘The One’,” adds the source. “She said yes right away and Jason immediately popped open a bottle of champagne. Britney couldn’t stop crying with joy, it was so romantic.

“Britney is convinced she’s found Mr. Right this time.”


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