Britney is gearing up for the comeback of a lifetime! Now that it’s confirmed the album will launch in December, reports of a tour are beginning to surface.

According to the Daily Mirror, Britney is preparing to make a “spectacular live comeback in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve!”

An inside source reveals Britney is discussing a performance with Palms Hotel owner George Maloof in Vegas. “The plan is that Britney will go on stage just before midnight, and she’s told George she wants a cast of burlesque dancers and as many fireworks and special effects as he can afford.”

“Britney has been recording her sixth album at Palms and she is good friends with George from way back. They are cooking up the idea of making a big bold statement by making her comeback on New Year’s Eve. It’s going to be the hottest ticket on the planet.”

“The show at the Pearl Theatre in the Palms Resort And Casino will tell the world Britney’s back,” the source continues. “It will also kick off a world tour that I’m told will be bigger and better than anything she’s done before.”

Britney was last seen in Las Vegas just 2 weeks ago, as well as a trip in mid-June.

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