Is Britney performing on Britain’s hit show X-Factor in 2 weeks?

According to the ever-so-reliable, Simon Cowell “spilt the beans” that Britney is confirmed for a November 15th performance on the show (note to readers: Cowell is same guy who “spilt the beans” that she was performing in the first place. Nice.).

“I’m really excited about it, because she’s got her act together now and the new record’s terrific,” Cowell revealed. “She’s come back from a very dark place and is a great artist. We’ve all seen pop princess Britney’s meltdown over the past few years, but she’s getting back to her best with new single Womanizer.

I think that what’s happened in the last two years has made her more interesting. She wants to be the biggest star in the world again – and she’s got a shot.”

Brian Friedman, Britney’s ex backup dancer and choreographer for X-Factor, told the Mirror: “Britney is at the best she has ever been. She will perform Womanizer on the show and it will be the raunchiest performance X Factor has seen. She’s back on top of her game.”

Unfortunately, if Britney is performing on the 15th, then most likely there will be no TRL performance as speculated. Lucky for us though, the reporter at NOTW who wrote this story was admittedly drunk off his *** with Cowell that night. (note to readers part 2: High-five! I’m sober right now!) God knows what they really spoke about.

UPDATE: Apparently Leona Lewis is scheduled for the 15th, not Britney. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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