Adnan say whaaat?

According to Robin Leach via the, Britney is in negotiations to perform/co-host a New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas!

“Negotiations are going down to the wire for Britney to appear on the Strip on New Year’s Eve with a special two-song performance on network television — and she’ll co-host part of the year’s retrospective in music segment.”

Perfect! I Live in Vegas! (::cough cough:: someone in the higher ups give Jordan a sweet hookup this New Year’s Eve ::cough::)

According to Leach, Brit’s manager Larry Rudolph often frequents Vegas. How convenient! “Larry’s a Vegas regular and always stays at George Maloof’s Palms, where he is a partner in the Sunset Tan salon in the new Palms Place condo tower.”

But catch this: “Britney herself will soon announce a new world Circus tour, with tickets going on sale in early December.”

Announce at saaaaaay… a fan screening?

See you in Vegas, Brit! I hope.

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