Britney Penning F Men Songs For New Album

Britney is taking inspiration from her recent breakup and recording ‘I hate men’ songs.

During an interview with ODE in London on Tuesday, Britney said she’s using real life ordeals to drum up her best work yet:

“You take the experiences you go through and definitely put it into your work. I’m going to have a lot of ‘I hate men songs,’ and a lot of ‘I love men songs!’

She adds she’d like to work with Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry or Iggy.

Brit’s currently promoting her The Intimate collection, describing the line’s look as soft and ****, something she feels she’s a combination of.

“I think sexiness is about knowing who you are. Coming in to yourself and knowing what you want, and knowing everything about yourself. I think by 30-years-old you kind of have to know who you are. I think it comes with age.”

A final piece of wisdom from the queen?

“You are who you hang out with.”

See the interview here: