The last year has seen many changes in the life of Britney Spears.

Most of the focus centered on the custody battle over her two beautiful boys with ex Kevin Federline and the long standing conservatorship over her person and estate that, thanks to her father Jamie Spears, has slowly helped the singer,26, regain and stabilize her mental health.

While most will agree Brit’s conservatorship is necessary to keeping her healthy, it has not been without a heavy price — literally.

In the last five months, Britney has paid $724,109 in attorneys fees to Andrew Wallet, Sam Ingham, Luce Law Firm and Stacy Phillips and to her father, who to date has made aproximately $37,500 acting as his daughter’s conservator.

And that’s just her conservatorship case. Brit’s also had to shell out money for her separate custody case (Remember, Brit paid both K-Fed’s lawyers and her own).

A source close to the case estimates that Britney has paid Mark Vincent Kaplan roughly $745,000 as well as over $1 million to a rotating door of attorneys who acted as her counsel.

When you add all that money together, the total number equals out to just under $2,500,000 that Britney has paid to attorneys in the last year.


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