Casually dressed Britney Spears is pictured out and about in Malibu with who is believed to be her husband Kevin Federline’s niece. Britney and the cute teenager had matching lipstick on and the little one even carried Britneys handbag and looked very excited with her girls outing with her popstar ******. It was pointed out to Britney by her little friend in the video store when they were picking out dvd’s that her stomach was on show which Britney had a giggle at and then she covered up but not before clearly showing off her breast thru her skimpy singlet which was maybe not the best choice of clothing around a impressionable teenager.. The dvd’s were Wicker Park and Close your Eyes for the adults and Sleepover for the infants. They then went to a close by flower shop and browsed some flowers before jumping back in their convertible white sportscar car and headed back to Britneys mansion presumably for a night of dvd viewing. Thanks Click the picture below to access the entire set.

Britney Out With Kevins Niece - December 30

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