Britney + Oscar + SNL = Love

October 24, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Clearly, you can get a laugh out of this like I did. Normally I don’t even post fake news like this, but the idea entertained me so much I had to share. is reporting that Britney is considering to perform a duet with Oscar The Grouch on Sesame Street “in a bid to boost her image.” Another source told the Daily Star that “it’s a chance to prove she can be a wholesome girl.”

I loved Sesame Street so much when I was a little kid. Those were the good ol’ days. Anyway, the idea is so far-fetched, yet oh so delightful. I give it a thumbs up!


Next, is reporting that Britney has also been offered a spot to host Saturday Night Live: “NBC has reportedly offered Britney Spears a guest host or musical guest slot on a upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Sadly, the inside reps think it may not happen this year, but have high hopes for an appearance in early 2008: “Producers apparently originally hoped for an appearance before the end of 2007. But the combination of Spears’ legal problems, as well as her shaky musical performance at the MTV Video Music Awards have made any substantial appearance before 2008 unlikely.

According to a source at the network, a number of ideas have presented informally to the singer, ranging from a brief unannounced appearance during a sketch to a full-blown guest hosting gig.”

Two thumbs up!