Britney is on a strict diet to prepare for her upcoming tour this summer, according to

Britney’s crew and dancers had to sign an agreement to not allow “any alcohol, drugs and controlled substances” near Britney, but now Brit’s banning junk food too. Even from her boyfriend!

A source told the newspaper: “Dieting’s hard for Brit. She and Jason love going to drive-thrus and cooking big meals for the boys like hot dogs with pasta, which is her absolute favorite.”

“She’s completely turned herself round and won’t even allow Jason to eat that kind of food anywhere near her. The other day he walked in with a burger meal and she went ballistic.”

Britney is reportedly working out three-hours a day, while eating six high-protein meals a day.

They added: “Costumes are being designed and millions put into the album. All she wants is to bare a toned stomach.”

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