Photogs caught Britney and Jason filming a second robbery scene for the “Criminal” music video in London this weekend.

As reported last week exclusively by BreatheHeavy:

The Fiance is a pompous *******. Very good looking and can easily get the ladies, but you look at him and you say to yourself, “That guy’s a douchebag.” Must be fit for fighting scene.

Britney is at an upper-class event with her Fiance. We see her expensive engagement ring on her finger. He’s flirting with other girls and treating Britney poorly. Britney is clearly not happy with him or her surroundings… She constantly checks her Swarovski watch hoping the night will end soon. She does something to embarrass her Fiance. He grabs her roughly by the wrist and pulls her outside.

As they exit the building they quickly pass by the body of someone who is sitting on the ground leaning against the wall for a cigarette break. The Fiance throws Britney against the wall and slaps Britney. He then squeezes her face tight and yells at her. He then slaps her hard across the face. He goes for another swing and Jason catches his wrist. He then quickly plows into the Fiance with his fist. The Fiance doesn’t know what hit him. He’s on the ground with a bloody banged up face looking around. Britney is in shock.

Suddenly… we see boots quickly shuffling around outside. Police cars are parked as more arrive. They surround the apartment. The Chief gets on his megaphone and starts shouting into it. Britney and Jason are out of the shower and look through the blinds to discover the police everywhere with their guns drawn. They throw on some clothes and attempt to escape out the back, but the police are there waiting as well)

Jason: You okay?
Britney: Yeah… wait, no.
Britney goes over and kicks the Fiance. She walks back over to Jason.
Britney: Now I am.
After a moment…
Jason: Get on.
She jumps on the back of the motorcycle. As it rides off, Britney’s engagement ring is tossed onto the ground in front of the Fiance.

The officers begin firing into the building as Britney and Jason begin to passionately kiss. Glass shatters… walls explode with holes and dust clouds… debris flies everywhere. Lots of slow-motion shots… Destruction inside and outside of the building.

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