Britney answered questions from fans on Saturday Night Online chat.

Check out the 15 minute bit here:

Songs she wished were singles: “Early Mornin'” and “Touch of my Hand.”
Miley Cyrus: “She’s a lot of fun.”
Favorite album cover: “Britney Jean”
One of her favorite songs: “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know”
Favorite part about touring: the fans!
If she could duet with someone: Lady Gaga
Currently listening to: Lorde, Rihanna
What she loves most about her fans: Very devoted, cool people. “I love them.”
Favorite part about recording “Britney Jean:” She could share personal moments and connect with her fans that have gone through breakups and relate to them.
Favorite thing to do on her spare time: cook, massages, yoga, writing
Advice to aspiring singers: Never give up. “Be strong, courageous and brave.”
Difference between “Britnye Jean” and “Femme Fatale”: “BJ” is more personal.
Vacation destination: Cabo.
If she could choose another career: Lawyer, makeup artist, school teacher
Favorite driving song: “Billy Jean”
Where does she see herself in 10 years: On a big ranch with horses, two more children and a loving husband, “and that’s it.”
Favorite ballad: “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know”
First “Britney Jean” song: “Hold On Tight”
Vegas setlist: Was difficult to pick out songs for the setlist because “everyone has different opinions,” but she still wants it to be interesting and fresh for her as an artist.
Cat or dog person? Dog
Favorite song to perform? Freakshow
How is she preparing for Vegas: 7-hour days, working her “*** off.”
Doing another movie: “I’d love to do another movie.”
Favorite Disney movie? The Little Mermaid
Favorite characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofie
Favorite dish: broccoli cassorole
Any rituals before recording a song? Nope.
Any super power? Flying
Best and worst subjects in school?
Best: Reading, history and writing
Worst: algebra
Play any sports: Basketball

And that’s all, folks!