We knew Britney would be featured on a new magazine cover, we just didn’t think they’d recycle a photo from two years ago!

Britney posted her new Cosmopolitan Middle East magazine cover on her Tumblr.

Britney Spears on Performing at the Abu Dhabi F1
“I am thrilled. I have heard such amazing things about Abu Dhabi and have always wanted to visit. To be able to come and perform and be part of an event like Formula One makes it even cooler”.

Britney Spears on her Abu Dhabi Fans
“I’ve heard Abu Dhabi is beautiful. I can’t wait to explore the city. I’m looking forward to seeing my fans and taking part in the F1 event. It will be a really exciting night. See you soon!”

Britney Spears on Men
“The one thing about men and relationships I wish I’d known 10 years ago is to say what you want. Speak your mind!”

Britney Spears on Fashion
“My preferred fashion style when I’m performing is exciting, different and always stands out.”

Britney Spears on her Body
“I feel most powerful when I’m working out.”

And just for shits; this is the original:

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