Britney On Madonna's Workout Playlist

Madonna lists Britney as one of the artists she hits the gym to.

Madonna’s trainer Nicole Winhoffer says:

“Right now we’re listening to a lot of old-school R&B, because the program that we’re doing has slower toning and a lower BPM [beats per minute]. So there’s some Missy Elliot, old Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, Rihanna. Last week her workout had a higher BPM, so we were listening to a lot of remixes, like remixed Christina Aguilera and Britney songs. It just varies. Sometimes I play Rastafarian music and she’s like, “What is that?” [Laughs.] But it’s good to change it up, keep the imagination and brain working, and keep her body inspired.”

With Britney’s Shape magazine recently hitting, and Madonna revealing Brit gets her through intense workouts, here’s a sick 30-minute cardio mix of just Britney songs to get you looking hot this summer: