Britney opened up about her gay fans to Pride Source, awkwardly relaying the innocent message she loves her LGBT fans.

“They’re adorable. They’re absolutely adorable.”

We are! But that sentence is just… no. Pride Source tells her the first time she said gays were “adorable and hilarious” it set the Internet ablaze and rubbed some people the wrong way. Her reaction was complete shock.

“Wait, what? Who felt the other way?” she asks, sincerely concerned she’s offended people.

“I would never say anything to be mean to them. I love my gay fans. Gay people are always usually my best friends in the whole world,” she says. “I completely adore them.”

She’s an icon in the gay community, as is her music.

“I get inspiration from them on almost all of my songs,” Britney says of her gay fans. “They’re somewhat girls, so it’s so inspiring to do stuff that they like to hear, like the cool ‘in’ stuff. Whatever I do for each record is definitely inspired by them.”

“Blackout” is easily the gay fav, but is “Britney Jean” her gayest album to date?

“I would say so, yes,” Spears says, sounding almost unsure. “I just feel like it has that feeling. You can’t really put your finger on it. It just really has that feeling of … that.”

Britney continues to say she feels gay people deserve marriage equality.

“Yeah,” she says. Then silence. (they give her the opportunity to elaborate over email after the phone chat: “Yeah, it would be a special moment.”)

Pride asked: “So you believe gay people deserve equal rights?”

“Yeah,” she assures. (Via email: “I think everyone should be treated equally.”)

Britney reveals in the full interview she wasn’t really aware she’s a gay icon, talks about her Vegas residency (includes half naked men duh) and describes her thoughts on “Alien” and “Work *****.”

Flawless sentiment. Poorly communicated. Happy birthday, Britney!