BRITNEY SPEARS chose to make her reality TV debut with a home video show – because she used her little camera to woo husband KEVIN FEDERLINE.

The couple will unveil their new series, BRITNEY + KEVIN: CHAOTIC, on US TV next week (17MAY05), and Spears is convinced her fans will fall for her man just as she did when they see the candid footage.

She says, “I think my fans are going to fall completely in love with him, just like I did. He’s the sexiest thing in the world. And he’s sensitive. He’s a perfect husband. He’s awesome.”

The footage, taken from the hours of home video footage the pair shot of their courtship, will feature the couple as they fall in love while the pop star trekked around the world on her 2004 ONYX HOTEL TOUR.

Britney adds, “We kind of used the camera to get to know each other better. I invited him to come see me in London. I didn’t really know him that well and when I got the camera out, it made me feel better.”

“This whole project got started with me holding a little camera and just taking it on tour with me. A lot of this footage was done a year ago. My husband and I were looking back at it and we thought we would share it with everybody.”

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