There’s a new rumor floating around that Britney’s (former?) manager Larry Rudolph said the following about Britney on kIIs FM: “At, this time Britney would like me to announce her plans to take a break from her career. Britney feels it’s important she takes this time for herself to sort out her life, we ask the media be kind to her at this time.”

As of now, Larry is not making any public statements about Britney, or for Britney. This statement was made up, period. We have many videos of Britney openly talking about her upcoming album, and that she’s “excited.” Whether she actually wants to do this is unclear. According to rumors published by X17, Britney said she would rather spend time with her kids then get back to work.

Again, another source claiming this or that. In the words of Britney, don’t believe everything you read. I promise you, this is good advice.

ps – Britney was right when she said “It’s sad that all the men that have been in my life do not know how to accept a real woman’s love.” Hope Kevin had fun with Paris last night…


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