OK! Magazine is reporting that Britney wants to be featured on Maxim Magazine ASAP with a new **** photoshoot. A “close friend” of Britney’s told the magazine that “Brit’s in damage control mode now. She’s been talking to the folks at Maxim about doing a photo shoot.”

This “close friend” OK! Magazine claims to have talked to is probably that skank Shannon Funk (who Britney doesn’t talk to or ever will talk to again)!

Anyway, Britney is not looking into shooting a cover for Maxim as of right now. If anything she should shoot for W, Elle, or Vogue. You can be **** without taking your clothes off.

As for Ryan Seacrest saying to Us Weekly: “I am willing to give up my monologue, song and interpretive dance for her apology.” — sorry man, ain’t gonna happen.

Hope that cleared the air a little.

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