Britney “Not Ready” For A New Relationship

April 21, 2009 By Jordan Miller

One day she tries to get in his pants, the next day she’s over it!

According to new reports, Britney is “unable to commit to a relationship because she is still struggling to overcome her failed marriage with Kevin Federline.”

“[Britney] says it’s going to take many, many more years to completely detox from being married to Kevin,” a source told Heat magazine.

“She still says being Mrs Federline was the biggest mistake she’s ever made.”

Other rumors claim Britney is engaged to property millionaire John Sundahl, but Britney’s reps shot down the rumors claiming it a ludicrous lie.

“Britney doesn’t want to do anything until the tour is over,” the source added.

“She wants press for her tour and not for an engagement. The idea that she’d actually want to marry someone is ridiculous.”

As long as it’s not Aiden!