Britney was shopping for her babies last week at the high end children’s store Glen Kids at the Glen Center where Brit has been hanging out recently, and she was couldn’t stop chatting about her boys.

Britney said that Sean and Jayden are the loves are her life and that she enjoys every moment with her kids. She was excited to pick out some new clothes for the boys and she picked up some designer jeans and other items.

Britney even talked about being a stay-home mom, saying that she loves it and that because of her boys, she’s not looking forward to going back to work!

Source: X17online

– I am just going to pretend I didn’t read that. Actually, I’m just going to call ******** on their “xclusive source.” If she really didn’t want to “come back,” than she wouldn’t! It’s Britney, come on ya’ll… she’ll do whatever the hell she wants, she answers to no one. NO ONE.

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