Britney Spears fans have a way of getting hussled and bussled through the chaotic world that is her life. “Believe this it’s official!” to “Ok just kidding nothing is official yet. Got ya though!”

According to Us, Britney is NOT signed for another episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” despite Britney’s label site as well as confirming that the pop star was indeed signed on. A “source” (aka Larry Rudolph) has told Us Weekly that “nothing is signed yet. No script has been written and until that is done, Britney will not be making a commitment. The offer is there but no decisions have been made at the moment.”

So which is it? Personally I think Britney should sit this one out, continue her progress, and come back a little later. Britney is the biggest star in the world, she’s not going anywhere. We’ve waited 5 years for this comeback, the least we could do is wait a little more.

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