Britney and Kevin have their next court hearing scheduled for today. Kaplan, K-fed’s slimey lawyer, has told the press that neither Britney nor Kevin will be present for the hearing today according to X17. Both have their reps attending the hearing though.

And in other news, it is being reported by the Ny Post that Britney may be facing up to 2 years probation for driving without a valid license. I thought that drama was over?! So what would happen if Britney broke a law during these 2 years? “This would mean that if Spears — who has had a number of driving mishaps this year — gets on the wrong side of the law again, she could wind up behind bars, just like hotel heiress Paris Hilton, who spent 22 days in a Lynwood, Calif., detention center in June for violating her probation,” says the NY post.

Britney’s lawyer, Michael Flanagan, feels the probation does not warrant the crime: “She is being singled out because of who she is, just like Paris Hilton was. My client has obtained a valid license and she shouldn’t be placed on probation. In California, once someone obtains a valid license, the charges are usually reduced or completely dismissed.”

“The case needs further discussion and he wants to examine all the evidence — hence why he’s asking for more time. Flanagan believes Britney’s case should be regarded as nothing more than a fix-it ticket. He says 49 other states would see that Britney’s Louisiana license was valid until 2010. He told TMZ ‘She had a license, you can drive to California with it,'” Flanagan said in a statement to TMZ.

Flanagan, asked that her driving without a valid license case be continued until January 2. “Flanagan pleaded not guilty to the charges of driving without a valid license — on behalf of Britney” according to TMZ.

Girl can’t catch a break!

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