Britney was “scared” to meet the Glee cast when filming her cameo because of her “bizarre phobia of strangers,” according to new reports.

“They were starstruck, but Britney didn’t mix with them at all,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“She was isolated while on set, and the cast was forbidden to contact her directly.”

Sources claim Britney is apprehensive from situations where intense fans swarmed and grabbed her in recent years.

“It’s left her terrified around strangers,” explained the insider, who added that Britney is comfortable to perform on stage because she is ‘physically separated from the audience.’

“Britney genuinely loves Glee, but she was filled with anguish at the prospect of meeting the cast. She knew she was going to be asked for autographs, pose for personal photos and that people would try and chat her up while on the set, and it made her nervous.”

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