Britney Needs HIV Test

July 25, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS has been ordered to get an AIDS test by KERRI WHITTINGTON – the first of three women who have been engaged to Spears’ fiance KEVIN FEDERLINE.

Whittington, 26, has warned the TOXIC singer that Federline’s frequent unprotected *** puts him at risk of sexually transmitted diseases, but she’s relieved Spears agreed to a pre-nuptial agreement because Federline once confessed, “It’s really hard for me to be with the same woman for three years.”

The former waitress explains, “Kevin’s slept with so many women. Britney should get an AIDS test. He never used protection with me. He was experienced even though he was only 17 when we started dating.

“He may get tired of her and move on to someone else, he always has. That’s why they should sign a pre-nup. They may be in love now, but who isn’t in a couple of months? We felt the same way, but three years later, we were miserable.

“I was surprised about him and Britney. When we were together he always preferred J-LO. Right now they seem very much in love, but wait a couple of years down the line.”

Federline also dumped his ex-girlfriend SHAR JACKSON, who last week (21JUL04) gave birth to his second child, to elope with the star earlier this year (04).

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